Twice Twitten

Why, hello thar. Let's make this quick. If you're new, this place is called the Dustbox. I am the semi-mysterious voice of the Dustbox, and I'll be describing everything on the site for you today. And I'll be doing that tomorrow as well. And the next day. But maybe not the day after that. You came here from Twitter, so I'm gonna guess you want to know more about GreenWisp ('cept he prefers Wisp or Green sometimes). Send him a message here on Wikidot. You'll have to get an account first, and then you can make a website of your own. Get famous and then tell the world that the wonderful, friendly folks at the Dustbox sent you! And tell them we said "Hi" as well.

Head off to the Front Door if you're just wandering the internets. It's quite nice here in the summer. Too bad we only get one of each season.

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