Trans-Dimensional Subway

Take the un-scenic route.

Step it up (the stairs, that is).

You stumble into a grassy clearing. Speaking in the third person your narrator realizes his mistake and tries again.

You take a sink of stairs (because if it was a flight, they'd be facing upwards) into a massive underground…building…area thing. You notice three strange phenomenon-

(Phenomena? No…)

You notice three strange phenomenae pretty much immediately:

All the natural lighting from the world above is replaced with artificial light, just like how robots are one day going to take control of the earth away from our fleshy hands.

Large, metal caterpillars are lined up parallel with one-another and every so often a group of people line up and enter the behemoth through the spleen area like so many rats being let loose into a vat of cheese. Except without the 'lining up' part. Oh, and after the people get in, the caterpillar crawls down a path through a tunnel at an accelerating speed, separate from the other creatures. Can't tell what they do beyond that, cause the light doesn't bother to venture very far into those holes (I am speaking of the tunnels, by the way). I dunno. Maybe the people all get out and have a tea party and play charades. Or maybe they turn into large robotic janitors and do battle against each other with multi-colored lasers. WAIT A MINUTE. False alarm. Ha. Turns out they were actually subway trains. I guess that explains everything. Except for the location of Carmen Sandiego.

Alright, so now that that's all over with…

You approach the ticket booth and turn to see the trains behind you so that you may decide the answer to the following question emanating from said booth. "Welcome to the Dustbox Interdimensional Railways of Tomorrow. How may I help you?"

Get a ticket for the red train whose only other passengers seem to be a kongregation of ants.

This train looks like it's actually been wrecked a couple times. Its original paint job is pretty sloppy compared to the uninterpretable internet-meme-inspired graffiti covering it. As an added bonus, it's completely on fire.

This colorless and otherwise ordinary train just dropped off a group of people, the majority of which are either stomping off in anger, shuffling out in a state of semi-depression or looking disoriented, as though they'd just gotten off a crazy mental roller-coaster ride. It's a rather well-known fact that mental roller-coaster rides are only partly similar to physical roller coaster rides (which in turn are nothing at all like Hawaiian roller-coaster rides). What's your curiosity telling you?

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