The Art of Thread-Recycling

So, I dunno if you were liste…reading at all, but like it says on the front page, the Dustbox takes the form (in the eyes of mortals, as well as certain immortal creatures) of a massive green recycling bin. There's no particular reason for that, as far as I've been able to tell, but that ain't the point. That just happens to be an interesting coincidence that coincides with the fact that we here at said Dustbox partake in a good bit of recycling ourselves - though there isn't too much to recycle on the Internets. And, knowing that Wikidot has not yet been able to fix their "Omg, comma, we are as of now unable to delete threads from the contents of topics and their respectful forums. Stop. This telegram is ended." problem, Wisp has volunteered to interrogate the forums themselves in an effort to find an impromptu solution with questionably legal methods that may or may not include the disrespect of their mothers. What he got is now called thread-recycling.

Basically, to combat our predicament with an ever-growing population of lazy space-absorbing threads, observe and put to use the following steps as the owner of a Wikidot website:

1. Track down a thread that is dying, no longer needed, etc.
2. Delete every comment inside it.
3. If it has a summary, change it to something along the lines of, "This thread available for rent".
4. Rename the thread to something similar to the text in quotes directly above these words.
5. If you're on a site that doesn't use this idea, send the guys who run it a message through Wikidot (or an e-mail, if you know it) with a link here or just tell them about the idea. And tell them that the Dustbox's mysterious voice of unknown origins says, "Hai". That's not a typo.

There's really nothing left to say here. Need me to point you back to the main room? That's too bad, seeing as how I don't care to show you something that has its own links all around you. Did you even think about that? Geez. Have a little respect for me, why don't you? You people are so rude to me. You're like,

"Mysterious Voice, give me a link to that part of the site!"


"Oh hey, I need you to do this website-related task for me."

"Hey, do this thing! And that one!"

"My cat's stuck in a tree! Do something!"

"This page has the word 'something' in it five times!"

"My back is itchy and I CAN'T REACH IT! Heeeeeeelllp!"

If I had a face, it would be scowling at you. And your little dog, too. If you have one.

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