The Usually-a-Theater

Now, at first glance, that was definitely a ladder extending upward into the sky, but you soon climb high enough to notice that there is in fact something up there that isn't sky at all, and, in further fact, there's no sky anywhere for miles to begin with. I apologize for misleading you like that - it won't happen again. Probably. You continue going through the motions of placing one hand over the other continually, dragging yourself in a direction opposite the ground - as this is the most socially-accepted method of climbing ladders - despite gravity's constant insistence that you get back down there and stay put, dang it. You were so focused on ascending the ladder, intent to reach the thing-that-isn't-part-of-the-sky, you were completely surprised when gravity just got so fed up with your ridiculous behavior that it decided in a passive-aggressive manner that it needed a break. Fortunately, you still had one of the ladder's bars in your kung-fu grip, otherwise you'd be drifting through the not-sky like a mythical castle that shows up mysteriously every few years and eventually some young adventurer decides to find a way onto in the pursuit of riches and such. Or like a balloon. You reach the business end high end of the ladder and find yourself at the front of a large building resembling a movie theater. And it is. Usually. I mean, it's one of our bigger places, so sometimes we convert it into a stadium, coliseum, arcade, fairly nice restaurant but one that isn't that expensive, orchestra hall, mess hall, hall of horrors, large wooden badger, convention center, or etc as is needed. Upon entry, you resist the temptation to buy deliciously overpriced delicious, overpriced foodstuffs and make your way to the…the room with the…screen…

Wisp: Hey, um…yeah, sorry if you noticed the update…there's nothing here right now. Just those words up there. But I like words. I mean, I dunno about you - maybe you don't…but if that's the case, why are you on this site?

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