The 'W' Crate

The 'W' Crate stands before you.

It is an impressive sight, the likes of which might collapse the frail hearts of lesser beings, but perhaps you are worthy. Still, to find yourself drowning in the gargantuous shadow hurled forth by the W Crate's clash with sunlight cast down upon it is a humbling thing. It is difficult not to feel insignificant in the presence of the Crate's girth, which one would have further difficulty ignoring, even from across the Lobby, looking in the other direction. The W Crate is a force to be reckoned with. It stands many meters tall, and even more when measured in feet, let alone inches. An examination of the Crate would inform you that its build is as that of a common wooden container of enormous magnitude with a similarly monumental 'W' painted on the side which currently stares down at you with so much awe-spiring majesty. Though you still reside within the Lobby and have not moved so much as you've turned your head to meet your gaze with that of the W Crate's, it is only natural that an entire page be devoted to the fateful encounter between yourself and this magnificent behemoth of a box.

It's a pretty big crate.

Next to you is a touch screen. I'd compare its size to that of a breadbox if anyone owned breadboxes these days. Honestly, I've never seen one. The screen is held up by…it…uh…it isn't. As if someone forgot to build something to attach it to the ground and then just…didn't… This should be a fairly uninteresting point, though, assuming you've been paying attention to any of those other walls of text on the site… I mean, really. The screen seems to have some connection to the W Crate. There is a text field accompanied by an array of common numerals, which you can safely assume are a sort of interface with which one might address the contents of the colossal container. Upon your first interaction with the screen, some mechanism lets loose a sort of angry, computerized cry which then echoes through the space of the Lobby. The content displayed on the touch screen is wiped away, Etch-a-Sketch style, and replaced with a pixelated imagining of the classic door lock. This screen clearly wants none of what you are selling. Perhaps at a later time?

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