The Lobby Of Nonexistence

Theoretically, your current location doesn't exist, and therefore, neither do you. The Lobby of Nonexistence is just that, because while you can for some odd reason get to most other sections of the website from this place, there is absolutely nothing here. The only reason we are able to interact with it is because it is held together within the human imagination, then shared with you through the capabilities of the internet. It's a good thing people are able to think of it in all its unthinkable nothingness, because otherwise you would suddenly be lost to the realities of this dimension, barely able to survive as a memory in the mind of the next person to use it after you (considering, of course, that they did so soon enough). Worse yet, it might suddenly begin to exist if too many people think about it at once in a similar way, filling in the only void of thought that prevents it from being, causing it to suddenly be flung into the universe somewhere, which in turn would cause the space-time continuum to have a heart attack and suffer a fatal shut-down. So please, FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYTHING, you may move around to other areas of the Dustbox via the Lobby, but try not to think about it too much.

A very confused building.

A closet door at one side of

The largest crate you have ever seen, are seeing presently, and will ever see. Period.

A ladder extending skyward.

An open pipeline protruding out of the... out of...?

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