Sever's Room

The fashionable and stylish room for Severed Heart, A.K.A. Sam.
As you walk into the room, the door slams shut behind you. You hear a collection of clicks and clacks, and several wood beams, planks, nails, a silver pot and a statue of a cat barricade the door. You touch the doorknob - which is barely visible - and all of these things slide back into a hidden position. When you take your hand off, they go back to block the door. You entertain yourself by touching the knob a few more times, then turn back to the room.
This poster is hanging on his wall.


Wisp: Must be some band I've never heard of.

A stylish deck of CDs line the wall, but there isn't a CD player. Oddity.

There is also what appears to be a large bomb hanging on a rack in the corner, but it could be a… bomb shaped suitcase. Or something.
A small collection of jars stand near it, each with a oily rag in the top. The floor under the jars is blackened with soot and smells slightly burnt. You have a hard time not thinking the jars are Molotov Cocktails. But, they could just be… jars with rags in the top.

An odd-looking door frame sits near the back of the room. It's odd-looking because it doesn't have a door. As you approach it you see a small console blinking a bright shade of blue. After the BSOD resets, you randomly type in a site address. A sudden flash from the door frame, and you're staring into another room. You touch the console again and press recently used sites. A menu appears.
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I wouldn't go here if I were you

A small parcel sits in this page's Files, ensconced in some colored wrapping paper.

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