Well, like it says.

You stare in awe at the massive brick wall in front of you. Well, technically it's infinite, so it doesn't have a size, but I think we can all agree that that's beside the point. It is covered in graffiti as far as the eye can see, but two large words written in grey stand out.


You know how other sites have forums? Yeah, we don't. Luckily, Mr. P over here stepped in to help us out, so we're just as cool as any other website on the blogosphere. That's…that's the internet…inside joke…

Leaky Pipes
Let's face it. The internet ain't a perfect place. So if there's something wrong with the site, tell me instead of whining about it to your friends first. Then, maybe I won't have to eat you.
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onoes! You can't get something to work or you can't figure something out? Or did you break my website? You broke it, didn't you?! Jerk.
This is where you can throw out some ideas that might improve the site...
313by severed_heartsevered_heart
10 Jul 2013 04:46Jump!
And THIS is where you complain about things that I did badly. I like this category better than Suggestions because A) I can learn what people don't like about the website, and B) If you say things that I don't find helpful, I get to delete them! Yay!
L33t Speak
Talk about games in the arcade (it's under construction) and stuff. If you have seen other games that I might be able to add, then go to Suggestions to tell me about it.
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Miscallenous Words
Wisp: Usually I get really annoyed when people spell things worng and the corretc spelling is obvius, but their's a funny story that goes along with this. You see, the first time I encountered the word, "Miscellaneous", I asked what it meant, but when I said the word, I pronounced it as, "Miss-cal-en-us". Hence, Miscallenous Words. Alright, maybe it wasn't a "funny" story, but whatevar...I mean, whatever... This group is like the ancient dust-gathering cardboard box of precious artifacts stashed up in the attic of your forums. You know, the one with action figures from before they had AI technology, and yoyos from before they could memorize hand motions to repeat tricks, and comic books from a time when they didn't read themselves aloud and display a virtual hologram. You younguns these days, with yer newfangled whatsits and do-dahs...I wish I had a lawn so I could yell at you to get off it in my old and raspy voice. Wait...how old am I again?
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Wisp: Post here, all ye who managed to reach this place, at the top of the Dustbox, Trashcan at the End of the Universe. Then just talk about whatever you want. Here, I'll start you off. How 'bout that 'Wisp' guy, huh? Heard he's pretty awesome.
312by Timothy FosterTimothy Foster
20 Nov 2009 20:55Jump!
You people can't seem to keep them to yourselves, can you? Well, this one's for you.
Threadcycling Bin
Wisp: Once again, go to dustbox.wikidot.com/threadcycle to figure what this is. Just tell me when you're done with your thread and I'll nuke its innards and place it up for adoption. PLEASE REUSE A THREAD FROM HERE AND MOVE IT TO THE APPROPRIATE GROUP INSTEAD OF CREATING A NEW ONE. ALL CAPS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.
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Just take the desired thread and move it wherever you want.
Things like, "How long until they let us delete threads for real?", "Let's investigate their not-allowing-us-to-delete-threads-yet-ness.", and "Doesn't 'threads' refer to a type of outfit?"

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