Where the Sidewalk Picks Back Up Again

The closet door uncloses to reveal what looks suspiciously like not-a-closet. It looks like the top of a very large stone platform. As you proceed into the unknownish, the rock at the ground in front of you begins to shrug off a vast quantity of minuscule pebbles. It's as if the stone was carving itself into a long sidewalk for you to traverse…very much like that, in fact, as that's what it is. We have some really talented special effects guys. This brings up the question, though: if this is a sidewalk, what is it at the side of?

We didn't bother to pave any roads in the Dustbox because
A) we're a bunch of cheap jerks and
B) no matter where you park a car around here, the moment you leave the vehicle and turn your back on it, a malicious band of hobgoblins parachute in and quickly disassemble the thing, leaving everything but the steering wheel. Or so Wisp tells me. Anywho, upon realizing that we don't have any roads at which a sidewalk can be at the side of, we just discontinued the construction of the walkway, leaving a series of square-shaped stones to lay suspended in the lack of air just past the edge of the stone platform, protruding into the final frontier space.

To what your complimentary Dustbox Exploratory Assistance Device™ tells you is the east stands one side of a large, intimidating chain-link fence. "Intimidating" in that it is covered in barbed wire, fire-wire, rubber bands, caltrops, guillotines, laser-turrets, flamethrower-turrets, angry people with tourettes and electric eels. Almost as soon as you see this scene, you begin to sense the presence of some sort of scent; it seems to be the smell of smoke, just beyond the void fence.

It's sort of hard to see what's going on behind said barrier and its various snares, although the dirt road (notice: not paved road) what extends perpendicularly from the sidewalk of no return will lead you directly to the gate.

But that's as far as you're going for now. Moonwalk back to the Lobby from whence you came.

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