So Much Cooler than Escalators.

You press the button and wait a few minutes for an elevator to come down (or up, seeing as you don't really have a good idea of the way this place is built yet) to your level.

Then you wait a little longer and start to become so bored as to notice the ellipses floating by.

INTERACTIVITY! Stare at the following symbol and contemplate until you lose patience.


Done? Did you get bored yet? Okay.

Finally, you decide to aggressively press the button SEVERAL MORE TIMES.

"I'm not here," echoes a voice from inside the elevator-shaft. Now, you know this place is messed up, but people saying they aren't here are still going to be there. It's the one constant in life, other than the fact that penguins will be the last surviving race on the planet after the effects of global warming.

After a lengthy talk with what you discover halfway through to be the elevator itself who is named Lewis, you convince him to (or coerce it into) coming down here for you. For whatever reason, they decided to give the elevators here A.I. so they could think, as well as some basic telepathy so that they could take you where you wanted to go before you told them. The elevator must've been on strike or something. Well, whatever. You've got a ride now, so where do you want to go?

One silver 'W' is painted on the face of this teal button.

This button is a nice shade green. It's on fire, so I for one wouldn't touch it. Besides, you don't know - where - this thing's been!

This button is emanating some sort of cold energy - one might even say it gives off a robotic feel.

This button gives off a warm, sunny mood.

Turn around and "go" back to the hotel's main room.

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