Welcome to Hotel Cloud Eleven!

If you tilt your head sideways, you can see Cloud Eleven Hotel. You gather that it's the name of the sideways building jutting out from one side of the Lobby at the top (or the far right, depending on your point of view and ability to read sideways) of which it is written. You wonder how you're supposed to gain entry, but then you remember the phrase that always seems to help out at times like these: "What would Escher do?"

I doubt I have to say anything else.

The first thing that the average person notices here (aside from the change of gravitational direction) is the elevator. The question is, does it really elevate if the direction you know as "down" is flipped on it's side? It does.

Call down an elevator.

They've got one of those bells at the desk where the guy who gives out room keys stands. No, I'm not going to let you ring it. I'll bet they have room service, and some butlers that transport the food around under metal bowl-shaped things on those little carts that keep getting used in action movies. If you want a room, chances are you're not a member here. If you're a member here and you want a room, you don't want a room. If someone else wants a member and you're not a room, they don't get your room. If you don't want a room, unread the last paragraph. Got it? Good.

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