Fruitcake Fury!

Hold on a sec. I need to take a look through my sound-effects field guide. Alright…should be under…fruit? No…probably not cake either…unless it's…there's a devil's food cake or something…fruitcake's definitely evil…hm…not alphabetical, by type of collision…something like a brick…..aHAH!

Translated into English, the resulting noise after a fruitcake-to-the-face at 67 mph would be-


Followed, of course, by whatever cries you in particular would emit after puking up your spleen. Out your nose. Yeesh. There are times I really wish I wouldn't have to translate everything into text for you.

(Dustbox realizes you are special, and, just like anyone else, you would have something unique to your personality to say in different situations based on your own wonderful personality. We will now present to you FOUR possible options from which to verbalize your very special response.)




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