Contact Wisp. Or else.

Wisp: Hey, peeps. Mr. W again. It's over here. Unfortunately, that will probably just bring up Outlook, which of course is totally boring and useless. If I knew how to change your default e-mail account, I'd tell you. On the other hand, em llet ot etatiseh t'nod esaelp ,woh wonk uoy fI

So instead, I'll just tell you my e-mail address. It's moc.liamg|psiwemorhc#moc.liamg|psiwemorhc.
Also, you can reach me at moc.liamg|psiwemorhc#moc.liamg|psiwemorhc.
If that one doesn't work, you're welcome to try moc.liamg|psiwemorhc#moc.liamg|psiwemorhc, though I check this one less often than the others.
There're other ways to get a hold of me, and don't forget that Wikidot has its own messaging system. I have my W-dot account rigged so that sending me a message here will also show up on my moc.liamg|psiwemorhc#moc.liamg|psiwemorhc address.

moc.liamg|psiwemorhc#moc.liamg|psiwemorhc. It's what's for dinner.

Wisp: Here is a list of profiles I have on other websites, though.


Timothy: Well, well, if it isn't the classic email.

Wisp: Alright, what did you pull this time? Wha- oh. Huh. Well spotted, and not a terribly bad point. But, uh…how did you even find this? Like, why'd you even come here? Do you just wander these empty fields of text sometimes? Side note: This edit made with my phone's browser.

Timothy: Yes, I do.

Wisp: Y'know, I'd never remember this place if you didn't come pokin' around so much.

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